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2011-09-03 16:15:18 by Blackhole72

Paranormal activity sucked.
But, I heard part 2 was much better.
I saw part 2. I jumped, but was not scared. Is it true people couldn't sleep after watching this steaming pile of crap?! I mean really, what a cheap ass film. I hate it. With a passion.
So, what was your opinion?


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2011-09-03 16:26:02

I think you are boring.


2011-09-03 17:54:04

shutup stinky tampons you are a worthless piece of shit!

(Updated ) Blackhole72 responds:

Whoah... Why the hostility? I dont even know who you are...


2015-12-27 07:48:51

I agree, whole Paranormal Activity series is waaaay overrated. I haven't actually seen any of them in full, just skimmed, realized quickly it wasn't for me. If you want to really freak out, watch some Asian horror movies, like The Grudge or Into The Mirror. It always gets you when you least expect it, and looks good, no shaky cam and crap footage to make it seem 'authentic'.