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2011-09-03 16:15:18 by Blackhole72

Paranormal activity sucked.
But, I heard part 2 was much better.
I saw part 2. I jumped, but was not scared. Is it true people couldn't sleep after watching this steaming pile of crap?! I mean really, what a cheap ass film. I hate it. With a passion.
So, what was your opinion?


2011-03-16 22:23:38 by Blackhole72

I got sucker punched at school by someone. They were pissed at me for being a smartass.
This is what happened: I was wandering around, minding my own business, when a kid yelled my name at me. I turned and saw who it was, and said hello. He asked "Do you have any smartass remarks to say?" I couldn't turn down this chance to be a smartass, so I said "No, but here, let me check my wallet." I looked through it, and was about to say no when I looked up and got punched in the face. He then started beating on my head. He then stopped, walked away casually, and left. None of the teachers saw me, so I had to walk to one and tell a them. I was lucky not to get suspended. The other kid got suspension. There was a lot of lood, but it didn't hurt too bad. This, however is not that much of a setback to me being a smartass. I just know to avoid him in the future.


2011-01-28 18:00:14 by Blackhole72

My Facebook account was disabled! I have no idea why! I didnt do anything wrong.


2011-01-15 21:02:02 by Blackhole72

I just came on after long time, and I realize...

p.s. IF you make fun of me, I will be sad.
p.p.s. Plz dunt make me sad )-':

ALright, What happened!?

2010-10-20 18:09:50 by Blackhole72

I 've been gone 1 month, 1 week, What has happened that's worth noting!?
Hurry and tell me! I'M BEGGING YOU.

All I have are concept drawings in my notebook.
I need to buy a flash program, which means I need a job.
Sadly I'm to young.(13)
Aww well, I can wait a year.

The game is about a computer voice that is trying to get you out of the testing area because you are an "ERROR".
It will be a puzzle/platformer.
I hope I can get around to it.

I have an idea for a flash game!


2010-09-02 22:36:13 by Blackhole72

Hi! How ya doin? awsum I bet! Yay!

I made art!

2010-08-20 19:37:02 by Blackhole72

It's not that good though, so I dont mind if I get a low score, but I will respond to any comments.

What's yor feeling on Fred?

2010-08-19 01:38:46 by Blackhole72

I hate him. He has no talent, And is not funny in any way shape or form.
Let the fanboys attack!

Is there an Oldgrounds?

2010-08-02 12:31:39 by Blackhole72

I know this is NEWGROUNDS, but was there ever an old grounds?
Please answer truthfully.